Branding and design agency

A branding and design agency Publi Le Parisien takes care of your brand’s image. When we design your page, we take care of creating the logo and visual content.

logo design

Brand image

Creative ideas for your brand!

Web design and development

Implement the best strategy for developing your website.

Audit, digital strategy consulting

Perform an SEO audit before implementing an effective SEO method.

Advertising campaign and web marketing

Launch an advertising campaign tailored to your needs.

Mobile first and user centric, that's the way!

With a winning user-centric strategy, known as “mobile first”, the traditional approach of creating a site from a desktop version and then rolling out smartphone versions is no longer based on what users are looking for. This time, the aim is to reduce page content to fit even smaller formats.

Calling in SEO experts

Our SEO experts: One for all, all for you!

If you want to raise the profile of your site and improve its SEO, like the case of, you need to call on experts in the field. They can take care of all your web projects.

Natural SEO

  • Web search engine optimization
  • These are SEO specialists who know all the latest practical methods.

  • SEO Consultants
  • An SEO consultant can take care of the creation of your page, its referencing and its development.

SMO: your visibility on social networks

SMO is a set of techniques and actions designed to develop the image and visibility of a website or brand on social media.


Facebook marketplace

Instagram Influencer

Stories on snapchat

Mobile shopping: from e-commerce to m-commerce

M-commerce, also known as mobile commerce, is the use of wireless technologies such as the telephone to make purchases. It can be applied to all areas: fashion, high-tech, etc…

Webdesign: We have our own way of seeing things!


Oversize: elements in XXL format

The design

The design effect is guaranteed!

Backgrounds come even more alive

In digital, we're the answer to your needs!

Digitization, also known as digitization, is the conversion of information from a medium into digital data. These data are stored and processed by computer devices. The advantage of this technique is that you no longer risk losing your data. At the same time, the risk of being ripped off is reduced. In this case, to digitize your company’s data, you need to call on experts in the field. They guarantee quality and, above all, reliability.